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Adisa Anderson is a fifth year doctoral student in the Counseling Psychology program at Washington State University (WSU). He is originally from Long Beach, California. Adisa received a B.A. in Cognitive Psychology from the University of California, Irvine. His research interests span several main areas including African American racial/ethnic identity development, ethnic minority academic persistence, substance use, and cross-cultural personality structure. Adisa has also published in the area of cross-cultural personality. Adisa is currently working as a Graduate Assistant for the Alcohol & Drug Counseling, Assessment, & Prevention Services (ADCAPS) department at WSU Counseling & Testing Services. His clinical interests include minority mental health issues, substance use issues, men's issues, and the collegiate population.

Adisa is a past recipient of the Joseph L. White Scholarship awarded for academic excellence and community service. He has served as the Student Representative of the Counseling Psychology doctoral program at Washington State University and as the Co-President for the Black Graduate Student Association at Washington State University. Adisa has also actively embraced his cultural arts by becoming an advanced traditional West African drummer for the purpose of preserving his African heritage.

Adisa is honored to continue serving as the National Convention Committee Chair for his second consecutive term. In this role Adisa hopes to contribute to the development and implementation of innovative, enlightening, and stimulating events and programs for the ABPsi convention that will provide members with professional and academic development and valuable networking opportunities.

Adisa's cultural understanding, leadership experience, multi-talented nature, interpersonal skills, and extensive programming experience provide him with the necessary skills to fulfill this honorable role for ABPsi.

SC National Convention Chair

Adisa Anderson II, B.A.
Washington State University, Counseling Psychology, Ph.D.
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