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My name is Lisa K. Battle; I am currently a second year doctoral student at Tennessee State University. I am obtaining a Ph.D. in Psychology with a concentration in Counseling Psychology. My ultimate goal as membership chair is to increase member of members participating in ABPsi. This goal is for all students in general, and a specific focus on graduate students. Black students in higher education levels need the connection with organizations, such as ABPsi, for support in continued matriculation. A second goal is to create a supportive environment for new members. A third goal is to be an advocate for current and future members, by being a safe haven for students to communicate needs. I intend to assist students with the necessary information needed to be actively involved in ABPsi. Currently, I am a student committee member of American Psychological Association Division 43, and the American Psychological Association Graduate Student Representative for Tennessee State University.

The main focus of my research is on all aspect of the family. Currently, I am involved in research teams that focus on childhood exposure to family violence, women work-life balance, bereavement and stress, along with the previous mention study on mentorship. I am a newlywed, I got married in June. My hobbies are photography and poetry.

Membership Chair

Lisa K. Battle
Tennessee State University
Counseling Psychology
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