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Gera Anderson, M.A./M.Ed, is a Chicago, Illinois native and a fourth-year doctoral student at Pepperdine University in the Psy.D Clinical Psychology program. In addition to Strategic Planning Chair, Gera also serves as the Chair/President of local Southern California Chapter Student Circle. She is currently developing a dissertation project that aims to understand how well-being is viewed and what are the sources of well-being in the African American community. Her training, interests, and career goals aim to increase the availability of culturally competent mental health and general knowledge of ethnic minority mental health issues. Gera's focus will be on research that is community-based, participatory, and action-oriented as well as culturally-based interventions.

As SPC, Gera will act as a member of The Association Strategic Planning Committee. Her primary responsibility is to assist the SPC with developing new and various ways to improve upon the organizations fulfillment of its stated mission. These duties are fulfilled by participating in planning meetings, soliciting strategic planning ideas from members of the student circle and communicating the activities of the committee to the student circle members.

Strategic Planning Chair

Gera Anderson
Fourth year Doctoral student in Social Psychology and Master's student in Gender and Race
University of Alabama