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Greetings, my name is Angel Glover and I am the 2012-2013 ABPsi Student Circle Research Chair. I graduated in 2010 with a Baccalaureate degree in Psychology from Prairie View A&M University. Additionally, I obtained a Master's degree in Clinical Psychology from Northwestern State University of Louisiana. Currently, I am continuing my graduate studies by pursuing a Doctoral Degree in Counseling Psychology from Texas A&M University. Early on in my psychological career the importance of research was stressed, thus sparking an interest in learning how to conduct research studies. My current research interests include Cultural Specific Coping, Cultural Misorientation, studies involving HIV/AIDS, and Risky Behaviors.

As the research chair, my goals for this position are based on my past experiences of attending an ABPsi National Convention as an undergraduate and my pervious familiarities of being involved with research. My goals for this position include working towards encouraging student circle chapters to participate in research projects by highlighting student conducted research on the Student Circle website and participation at the National Convention. Additionally, my goals include increasing the communication between the Journal of Black Psychology and the Student Circle. The finial goal includes updating the Student Circle website with information that is encouraging to students and that addresses the challenges many Black students may face in higher education. There are many ways in which student circle members can make a difference in the Black community and it is my hope that students can profoundly contribute to this positive change by becoming involved in conducting meaningful research studies.