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My name is Gabrielle Smith, the current Membership Chair of ABPsi's student circle. I am currently a fifth year Doctoral student in Social Psychology and a Master's student in Gender and Race at the University of Alabama. I desire to increase membership to provide mentorship to more Black students from diverse areas within the field of Psychology. I hope to push the student circle to new heights--recruitment as well as retention. Forging bonds with and among new students will be one of my foremost goals. I want to help the circle promote, and nurture student researchers. This can be done through collaboration with other committees to form programs beneficial to members such as writing groups and student symposiums. I have been to three ABPsi conventions and am excited to be a part of the board this year.

My research focuses primarily on the impact of social identity on daily life as well as discrimination and stigma as it relates to marginalized populations (e.g. African Americans). I have presented at over 12 conferences in my field (including ABPsi). My Master's thesis explored the impact of racial Identity, religiosity and neighborhood conditions on life satisfaction and health for a low income Black community in Alabama. My hobbies are creative writing and jewelry making. To me mentorship and membership go hand in hand, so let's get started!

Membership Chair

Gabrielle Smith
Fifth year Doctoral student in Social Psychology and Master's student in Gender and Race
University of Alabama
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