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Sheera Harrell is originally from Cincinnati, Ohio. She is currently in the fourth year of the Clinical Psychology PhD program at Alliant International University: California School of Professional Psychology (AIU: CSPP). She earned a Bachelor's degree in Psychology minoring in African and African American Studies and a Master's degree in Criminal Justice: Addictions from the University of Cincinnati. Subsequent to completing her Master's degree in Criminal Justice she relocated to Fresno, California, eventually discovering her current graduate program. In the time since relocating, she also earned a Master's degree in Clinical Psychology from AIU: CSPP.

Sheera has been passionate about issues that impact Black people throughout her academic career. Part of her ever-developing goals and dreams includes advocating for Black people and increasing the knowledge regarding treatment of mental illness among Black people. The latter of these has spread to her dissertation where she hopes to more fully explore mental health treatment/help-seeking amongst African Americans. Sheera hopes that the information that comes from this work will assist in merging the treatment disparity gap that plagues the community. Clinically, she has worked with adults of all ages with a variety of mental illnesses; from depression and anxiety to co-occurring substance dependence and chronic personality disorders.

This is Sheera's first year serving as the Treasurer for the Student Circle of the Association of Black Psychologists. She is eager to utilize the knowledge that she has acquired in prior treasurer positions with the hope of enhancing the mission of ABPsi. Sheera enjoys a wide range of arts and music; discovering new places, traveling, spending time with her family, reading for relaxation, and laughing as much as humanly possible. She especially appreciates when she can do a combination of these concurrently.


Sheera Harrell

Alliant International University: California School of Professional Psychology
Clinical Psychology PhD Student
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