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Kayla Harris is a fourth year doctoral student in Counseling Psychology at The Pennsylvania State University. She currently serves as the Communication Chair of the Student Circle Board for ABPsi. Additionally, she serves as a research team member for The Center for Collegiate Mental Health at The Pennsylvania State University; which is geared towards bridging the gap between research and practice in efforts to better understand mental health in the college student population. Her research interests include racial and ethnic diversity; identity development; exploring intersectional identities as it relates to race, gender, and sexual orientation; sports psychology; promoting positive well-being; and multicultural counseling. An interesting fun fact about Kayla is that she has a black, white, and gray silky-haired Pomeranian that she wishes she could claim on her taxes! Kayla has attended four ABPsi conferences, presented with renown psychologists in the field, won a student presenter award, and looks forward to becoming even more involved in ABPsi.

Communications Chair

Kayla Harris
Fourth year doctoral student in Counseling Psychology
The Pennsylvania State University
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