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Kierra Banks is a second year masters student in the couples and family therapy program at Alliant International University. Originally from Charleston, South Carolina, she is a United States Air Force veteran, and is ecstatic about joining the mental health field! She is a current marriage and family therapist trainee at the Rosetta Center and the Couples Resource Collective. Her current research is centered on African American women and the cost of resiliency: anxiety and depression. In the future, she hopes to conduct research on intersecting factors of ethnicity, military affiliation, and mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, and PTSD. After recognizing the limited resources and the lack of outreach in African American community, she set out to launch a non-profit organization geared towards spreading mental health awareness/psychoeducation and creating a space for advocacy for African American women and veterans. This is Kierra's first tenure as research committee chair, and she is optimistic and ecstatic to serve and be in communion with fellow students and professionals.