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Monique A. Major is a third year doctoral student in Howard University's Personality Program. As a McNair scholar and Honors student, she discovered her passion for research and started studying the creative process, personality and how they converge to produce works of art. Since then her research interests have grown to include the intersectionality and impact of race, gender, and culture on creativity and the creative process.

As Research Committee Chair, some of her goals are 1) identify ways to encourage undergraduate students to become more involved in research, 2) continue ABPsi's tradition of developing innovative and creative research designs and data analysis techniques for addressing some of the methodological issues associated with studying African Americans (Belgrave & Allison, 2005) and 3) incorporate culturally and socially relevant methods for disseminating research findings (e.g. twitter). Monique is a Philadelphia native and spent the first part of her undergraduate career at St. John's University, but transferred and earned her B.S. and M. S. in Psychology from Howard University. She enjoys spending time with her loving and supportive family and friends, painting, dancing, and traveling.

Research Chair

Monique Major

Howard University
Third year doctoral student
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