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Londyn Miller is currently a Senior at San Francisco State University pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology. After growing up with family and friends in the legal system, she has been drawn to uplift and connect with at risk teenagers to support their mental and spiritual well being. Because of this calling, she was motivated to serve as a Minister with Comunidad San Dimas, a faith based organization, which visits incarcerated teenagers in Woodside Juvenile Detention Center. She also serves as a peer mentor in the Student Success program at San Francisco State.

Her research interests include resiliency and coping among at risk adolescents, and the development of culturally competent evidence based treatment for African American youth. After receiving her BA, she plans on entering a Counseling Psychology doctorate program, and one day implementing healing touch and massage therapy into her orientation. She was encouraged to join ABPsi when she noticed the scarcity of African students and professionals in Psychology. Her goals are to reach out and uplift her fellow students and advance the undergraduate presence in ABPsi. In her free time, she enjoys meditation, cooking, and live music.

Western Undergraduate Regional Representative

Londyn Miller
San Francisco State University
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