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My name is Princeton Smith and I am a 2nd year psychology graduate student from Immokalee, Florida. I am currently attending Florida A&M University in the M.S. Community Psychology program. I also received my B.A. degree at Florida A&M University in 2012. I first became involved with ABPSI as a volunteer at the 2012 international convention in Los Angeles, CA. It was an empowering experience to finally meet some of the prominent figures and future leaders of this organization, in addition to gaining substantial knowledge for producing efficient research deeply rooted from the African-American experience. My research interests include:

  • Psychosocial dynamics relative to substance abuse and drug addiction
  • Race-related stressors on the physiological health of African Americans
  • Cultural identity as a means for holistic health and psychological well-being
My current research for my thesis aims to investigate substance-use differences between African-American college students from a public HBCU and PWI. The primary focus of this research is to examine the relationship between substance use, cultural identity, and social support, as well as their psychosocial outcomes among African-American college students. An interesting fact is that I cut hair from to time to time.

Communications Chair

Princeton Smith
Florida A&M University
2nd year psychology graduate student, M.S. Community Psychology
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