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The Association of Black Psychologists  
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*Download complete Chapters Directory with details (pdf).


Denver-Rocky Mtn. ABPsi (Active)
Dr. Anthony Young
Email Dr. Young


Southern California ABPsi (Active)
Dr. Yoshado Lang
Email Dr. Lang


Chicago ABPsi (Active)
Dr. Karen Witherspoon
Email Dr. Witherspoon


Cincinnati ABPsi
Dr. Bridgette Peteet
Email Dr. Peteet


Greater Cleveland ABPsi (Active)
Dr. John Queener
Email Dr. Queener


Univ. of Cincinnati Student Circle (Active)
Whitney Raglin
Email Whitney


Detroit ABPsi (Active)
Dr. Amorie Robinson
Email Dr. Robinson


Indiana University & Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) (Inactive)
Mark Nathaniel Skelton
Email Mark


Atlanta ABPsi (Active)
Dr. Lydia Odenat
Email Dr. Odenat


Texas A&M University (Active)
Arynn Auzout
Email Arynn


University of Texas- Austin (Active)
Jasmine Graham
Email Jasmine


Houston ABPsi (Active)
Dr. Ruby Preston
Email Dr. Preston


Prairie View A & M University (Active)
Dr. Derick Wilson
Email Dr. Wilson


University of Houston Student Circle (Active)
Christine Paul
Email Christine

Jacksonville ABPsi (Active)
Dr. Larry Richardson
Email Dr. Richardson


South Carolina ABPsi (Inactive)
Dr. Sterling P. Watson
Email Dr. Watson


Delaware Valley Chapter (Active)
Dr. Yuma Tomes
Email Dr. Tomes

District of Columbia ABPsi (Active)
Dr. Afiya Mangum Mbilishaka
Email Dr. Mbilishaka


New Jersey ABPsi (Active)
Dr. Joseph Connell
Email Dr. Connell

Bay Area ABPsi (Active)
Dr. Theopia Jackson
Email Dr. Jackson


San Diego ABPsi (Active)
Dr. Carl Smith
Email Dr. Smith


Indianapolis ABPsi (Active)
Dr. Pamela June
Email Dr. June


Minnesota ABPsi (Active)
Dr. Willie Garrett
Email Dr. Garrett


St. Louis ABPsi (Active)
Dr. Marva Robinson
Email Dr. Robinson


Dayton ABPsi (Inactive)
Dr. Victor McCauley
Email Dr. McCauley


University of Missouri ABPsi (Active)
Janese Rogers
Email Janese

Southern Illinois Univ. Carbondale Student Circle (Active)
Jasmine Jackson
Email Janese


South Florida ABPsi (Active)
Dr. Ischaji Robertson
Email Dr. Robertson


FAMU ABPsi SC (Active)
Princeton Smith
Email Princeton


Greater New Orleans Chapter (Inactive)
Dr. Eartha Johnson
Email Dr. Johnson

Regent University Student Circle (Inactive)
Mirriam Kimani
Email Mirriam

University of Oklahoma (Active)
Curtesia Plunkett
Email Curtesia


University of Alabama (Active)
Gabrielle Smith
Email Gabrielle


Stillwater Oklahoma Student Circle (Active)
Latrice Ponton
Email Latrice


New York ABPsi (Active)
Juanita Sharpe
Email Juanita


DC Metro Area Student Chapter (Active)
Senzwa Ntshepe
Email Senzwa


SUNY Oswego Student Chapter (Active)
Tierra Beckles
Email Tierra

*Download complete Chapters Directory with details (pdf).