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To add your new listing to this site:

1. Listing category- Make sure you change from "ROOT" to your State category.
2. Psychologist: Use Full Name (first, last)
3. Gender: Make sure to indicate correct Gender.
4. Title: Use City Name first - Psychologist's Full Name (This category is one of the main searches.)
5. Location: Use City Name, Ofc number, then FAX number.
6. Populations Served: Indicate any that apply. If you do not find a specific population, you can add it to the Description box below.
7. Area of Specialty: Same instructions as populations.
8. Email: Email address of Psychologist. If none, leave blank.
9. Meta Description: leave blank
10. Meta Keywords: system will use a few from the Title. If you need to add a few more, you may.
11: Your Website: Add a link to your website... http://domainname
12. Description: Add a few sentences that best describe your practice and its focus. (This will also help in the searches.)
13. Reciprocal URL: leave blank
14. Image: If you want to add your logo or your photo, feel free to upload it from your browser or computer. (Follow instructions.)
15. Fields for Administrator and Additional Fields: Do NOT change.
16. Send out notificatio (next to Submit): uncheck


To modify your current listing on this site:


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