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To add your new listing to this site:

1. Listing category- Make sure you change from "ROOT" to your State category.
2. Psychologist Information:  
    Title: Use City Name first - Psychologist's Full Name (This category is one of the main searches.)<br>(Example: Baltimore -  Dr. Joe A. Smith)
    First Name: First name (and middle name, if used)
    Last Name: Last name (and any suffix used)
    Gender: Make sure to indicate correct gender.
     Degree(s): Include abbreviated versions of your degree(s), e.g. PhD, etc.
3. Location:
    Office Address 1: Your office street address
    Office Addres 2: Use for additional street address information
    City: Your office location city
    Zip Code: Full zip code
    State: Use two-character abbreviation for your state
    Office Phone Number: Include area code and number (Example: 202-111-2222)
    Fax Phone Number: Include area code and number, if desired
    Add. Location Info: You may use this field to describe any landmarks, parking venues or further driving directions to your office. (limited to 400 characters)
4. General:
    Populations Served: Select any that apply. If you do not find a specific population, you can add it to the Description box below.
    Area of Specialty: Same instructions as populations.
    Accepted Insurance Types: Indicate what kind of insurance you accept.
    Description: Briefly describe your practice. This will appear at the top of your listing.
    Website URL: List your website, if desired. (Example:
    Reciprocal URL: If you have placed a reciprocal link to on your site, please indiciate the address of the page on which it appears. (This field uses a default address directly to the Find a Psychologist page, in case you need that link. Replace it with your reciprocal link, please.)
    Image: You can upload your photo here, which will appear in your listing. If you do not have a photo, the field will display a "photo not available" icon. Please keep the dimensions as close to 200x200 pixels as possible. (Title the photo as you wish.)
    Email: Your email address. If none, leave blank.

Make sure to copy the coded image to submit.
You will receive an email with confirmation information. If you have further questions, please contact ABPsi.


To contact ABPsi with further questions, email or call our office at 202-722-0808.


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