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The Association of Black Psychologists  
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Make the ultimate commitment to The Association of Black Psychologists, Inc. by becoming a Lifetime member, and add your name to the ranks of fellow members who have made a life-long commitment to the mission of The ABPsi. Click here to view list of current Lifetime members.

Lifetime Members enjoy all of the benefits and privileges offered for Professional Membership, without having to pay annual national dues once Lifetime dues are paid in full. However, Lifetime Members are still responsible for any local dues to be active within an area chapter. Lifetime memberships do not expire. Once your Lifetime Membership is paid in full, you will forever be an active member of ABPsi. The money from Lifetime Membership is used to invest in the future of ABPsi.

Click here to download a membership application. If making installment payments, you must also submit an Installment Payment Form with each payment.

For more information contact our National Office at 301-449-3082 or abpsi@abpsi.org.


  1. Lifetime Membership is for Professional Members;
  2. The cost of Lifetime Membership is $2,500.00;
  3. Lifetime Membership dues can be paid in a lump sum of $2,500.00 or in installments of any amount for up to three (3) years;
  4. If dues are paid in installments, annual professional dues of $225.00 must continue to be paid until the Lifetime dues are paid in full;
  5. Installment payments of Lifetime Membership dues may not be applied towards Annual dues for that current year;
  6. Lifetime Membership is for national dues only. Chapter dues must continue to be paid;
  7. Once Lifetime dues are paid in full, Members will receive a Lifetime Membership Certificate, and a permanent membership card that will not expire.