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The Association of Black Psychologists  
7119 Allentown Road, Suite 203  
Ft. Washington, MD 20744  
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Message from Our President

ABPsi values the Black mind and its expressions. We recognize that the mental well-being is a necessary aspect of optimal physical and financial wellness. We know that the various events of police brutality, political grand standing, environmental racism, and inequitable educational policies have a deleterious effect on the minds of Black people. We express that all such events are a Black Mind Matter. We are here for the restoration and elevation of the Black Mind and moreover we strive for the profound expression of humanity. We are that voice that states that Black Minds are not to be hampered because there is greatness within Black minds. Not only do we stand in opposition of that which attempts to suppress, oppress, confuse and frustrate the Black Mind, but we stand for expression of Black minds in schools and communities to be free to grow and expand beyond human comprehension. We will not rest until the humanity of people of African Ancestry is realized. Even then we work to protect and expand that humanity even further.

We are glad that you are with us in mind, body and spirit to celebrate the 48th year of an organization that has always known that Black Minds and Black Lives mattered. You are now a part of a great movement in American and World history. Collectively, we must continue to be encouraged by the voices of our ancestors who remind us to stand up for African greatness. May we stand with boldness in circumstances that are right but do not always seem safe for our professional and personal well-being. This is the spirit of the founding of the ABPsi and furthermore, we have been taught that right will always win. ABPsi is here because it stands for right with respect to the mental well-being of persons of African ancestry. Continue to stand with the ABPsi and allow your voice to join the chorus of thousands who advance that Black Minds must be liberated, must never be encumbered and must be free to express profundity in all of its manifestations. We advance the efforts of mental well-being in School Psychology, Educational Psychology, Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Sports Psychology, Clinical/Counseling Psychology, Health Psychology and other disciplines within the field. Together we can elevate Ubuntu (humanity of all in our family).


Kevin Washington, Ph.D.
ABPsi Mission
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