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The Association of Black Psychologists  
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Message from Our President

I am humbled and honored to serve as the 45th President of the Association of Black Psychologists. The Association of Black Psychologists represents the premier institution dedicated to the mental liberation of Afrikan/Black people. We recognize that the battle for the hearts, minds, and spirits of Afrikan/Black people is the front on which the most decisive war for our liberation must be fought. My vision for ABPsi is for us to definitively assert our commitment to applying our knowledge and skills to the healing and reconstruction of Afrikan/Black people, families, communities, and institutions based on Afrikan principles and values. Towards this end, there are three key strategies that I propose:

  1. Publication of an annual State of Black Mental Health Report that provides standards, sets goals, and establishes cultural policies directed towards the promotion of Black mental health;

  2. Establishment of the ABPsi Online Communiversity to disseminate the knowledge that our thought leaders have developed through online curricula and courses grounded in the principles and values of Afrikan/Black psychology; and

  3. Formation of an HBCU Ujuzi Kijiji (UK) or Knowledge Village composed of HBCU chairs, faculty, students, and alumni working together to increase membership from HBCUs, enhance HBCU psychology curricula, and implement collaborative research projects.

As we move into our 50th year as an Association, we extend our embrace to our students, early career, mid-career, and seasoned professionals, and elders committed to the mental liberation of Afrikan people to JOIN ABPsi in the struggle to fulfill our sacred mission. I invite our chapters and our members to assist us in generating the resources that we need to fulfill our mission and to utilize your knowledge and skills to build and strengthen ABPsi for our people, families, and communities across the globe. Collectively and with the support of our venerable Ancestors, we are an inimitable force! Our unity and tireless service on behalf of Afrikan/Black people will most certainly assure our victory for as long as the sun shines and the rivers flow.


Huberta Jackson-Lowman, Ph.D.
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