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Professionals who hold The ABPsi CAC/BP are individuals who have met ABPsi criteria based on demonstrated skills, knowledge and abilities. Meeting these criteria asserts that ABPsi can reasonably expect the implementation of culturally appropriate teaching, research, clinical practice and assessment when integrating acquired culturally appropriate African-Centered skills to various areas of psychology. The applicant for CAC/BP is reviewed by a panel of highly skilled and respected psychologists. Consumers and institutions will view certification as a measure to ensure professionals have taken appropriate efforts toward understanding and applying the best practices in the field of psychology for clients of African ancestry. Certificants are held to a high standard of ethical practice as defined by The LCPP Standards of Black Psychology. Certificants are to participate in CAC/BP related activities to maintain their certification and to stay current with the changing dynamics within the communities they serve.


The ABPsi, being the principal body consisting of renowned Black psychologists in the USA and beyond, is responsible for taking the primary role in defining the cultural considerations necessary to properly address the psychological needs of African Americans and people of the African Diaspora.

No other organization or entity functions to determine if the particular cultural needs and history of Black people are being properly considered in psychology. This is the core of this program. A basic concern in addressing the needs of the Black community is that every psychologist should meet some pre-determined criteria for understanding the unique needs of Black folk and the historical matrix that established the present conditions faced by all people of African descent.

The premise of this program is for The ABPsi to take responsibility for, and promote, the recognition of African Centered/Black Psychology. The ABPsi is the leader and international resource for addressing the psychological needs of African people throughout the world, and the ABPsi is the only entity to carry the responsibility to certify individuals and institutions as being qualified and proficient in African Centered/Black Psychology, based on an accepted body of knowledge.

African Centered/Black Psychology - Definition

African Centered/Black Psychology is a dynamic manifestation of unifying African principles, values and traditions. It is the self-conscious "centering" of psychological analyses and applications in African realities, cultures, and epistemologies. African Centered/Black Psychology, as a system of thought and action, examines the processes that allow for the illumination and liberation of the Spirit. Relying on the principles of harmony within the universe as a natural order of existence, African Centered/Black Psychology recognizes: the Spirit that permeates everything that is; the notion that everything in the universe is interconnected; the value that the collective is the most salient element of existence; and the idea that communal self knowledge is the key to mental health. African Centered/Black Psychology is ultimately concerned with understanding the systems of meaning of human beingness, the features of human functioning, and the restoration of normal/natural order to human development. As such, it is used to resolve personal and social problems and to promote optimal functioning."


  • To create a framework for recognizing psychologists, researchers, educators and institutions that meet a conventional body of knowledge, practice and/or experience that demonstrates The ABPsi standards of proficiency in African Centered/Black Psychology;
  • To establish a measure of proficiency and established criteria to offer a certification in African Centered/Black Psychology;
  • To establish the baseline standards and conventional body of knowledge which will define African Centered/Black Psychology its evolution, applications and international recognition;
  • To establish a mechanism within The ABPsi for broadening the professional development and community service for The ABPsi members through licensure, proficiency and certification throughout the profession;
  • To substantiate The ABPsi as the primary body for shaping the credentials of professionals in psychology and related fields for the practice, education and theory as used for service in various arenas to African American people and people of the African Diaspora.