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The Public Policy Committee (PPC) of the ABPsi's General Assembly is responsible for creating a variety of written responses on behalf of ABPsi, and we are seeking members to Join us!

Why should I participate? Joining the PPC is a great way to gain leadership experience and potentially get your work published in ABPsi's signature newsletter, website, and journal. PPC members participate in time-limited projects. Each member determines his or her interest and availability to participate in projects. Below is a list of the types of projects in which we engage: Emergency Responses: e.g. responses to natural disasters

Commentaries: e.g. issues that directly impact the well-being of the community e.g. shootings, gang violence, and responses to general social problems e.g. movie/book commentaries, reactions to articles

Policy Briefs: e.g. 1-3 page concise reviews of a particular issue that can be disseminated to policy makers

Position Papers: e.g. thorough reviews of a particular social issue

Still have questions about the Public Policy Committee? Feel free to email co-chairs Dr. Donald Knight and Dr. Le Ondra Clark Harvey.

Download pdf files below: