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The Student Circle Research Committee is responsible for providing student focused research and scholarship information to Student Circle Members, as well as information that is relevant for the Journal of Black Psychology (JBP). This involves promoting student involvement in research and publication, and acting as a liaison between the JBP and the Student Circle.

The Impact of African American Academic-Professional Student Organizations on African American College Students' Adjustment and Career Goals
Lauren D. Birks, BA May 2013 Supervised by Keisha Bentley-Edwards, Ph.D.
University of Texas at Austin McNair Scholars Program


Research suggests that a major component in helping African American students successfully adjust socially and academically at a Predominately White Institution (PWI) is their involvement in a Black student organization (Guiffrida & Douthit, 2010). Involvement in an affinity group organization provides African American students the opportunity to connect with African American faculty and students who can they identify with and support each other in many areas of the college experience. Through an online survey African American undergraduate and graduate students reflected on their student involvement in various student organizations and how these organizations impacted their college and career development. The present study hypothesized that African American academic-professional student organizations have more positive impact on African American student college adjustment and career goals than any other student organizations. Results show that African American Academic-Professional student organizations greatly impact students' emotional, academic, interactions with faculty, and professional adjustment and development.

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