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The Student Circle boasts a membership of several hundred students, located on college campuses nationwide. Members of the Student Circle have access to scholarship opportunities, leadership development, professional networks, student support, scholarly writing opportunities, The Psych Discourse News Journal, The Journal of Black Psychology, and much more!

Student Circle members are undergraduate and graduate students in psychology or a related discipline, and do not pay additional dues or fees (in addition to general membership dues). They enjoy all of the same benefits as professional members, with exception of inclusion on the Psychologist Referral Listing on the website. Student Circle members also have access to specialized programming at the ABPsi Annual Convention and other events such as the Student Circle Western Regional Conference.

It is time to undertake the serious responsibility of electing new officers for The Association of Black Psychologists' Student Circle Executive Board! The positions are as follows:

  1. Chairperson Elect
  2. Treasurer
  3. Secretary
  4. Eastern Graduate Representative
  5. Western Graduate Representative
  6. Midwestern Graduate Regional Representative
  7. Southern Graduate Regional Representative
  8. Eastern Undergraduate Representative
  9. Western Undergraduate Representative
  10. Midwestern Undergraduate Representative
  11. Southern Undergraduate Representative
  12. Strategic Planning Committee Chair
  13. Research Committee Chair
  14. National Convention Committee Chair
  15. Jegnaship Committee Chair
  16. Communications Committee Chair
  17. Membership Committee Chair

Each of these officers will be elected for a one-year term (with the exception of Chairperson Elect). Attached, please find an excerpt from the ABPsi By-Laws describing the duties of the ABPsi Student Circle officers. [Click here for complete information and form.]


Nkemka Anyiwo

University of Michigan Doctoral Student
Joint Program in Social Work and Developmental Psychology
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